Parkjinseok Breast Aesthetic Clinic
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You can get the natural beauty!

Park Jin Seok, is a qualified breast aesthetic surgeon.


Specialized benifits for you in Park Jinseok Aesthetic Clinic(PJS Clinic)

PJS Clinic is the special clinic for breast surgery

For past 20 years, Dr. Park Jinseok(MD & PhD) as a specialist has studied breast surgery and has experienced lots of various reoperation cases as well as primary cases. So he is just the one who is fully qualified to make you satisfied with your breasts.

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Dr, Kim KyongGon

Dr. Kim KyongGon, an Anesthesiologist who has worked with Dr. Park Jinseok for over 10 years,
will help you to get a successful surgery and comfortable recovery.

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In video clip taken 2 hours after breast operation, the patient expresses her
condition is comfort even though she feels slight tightness.


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In video clip taken 5 hours after breast operation, she is brushing
freely without any discomfort.


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Dr. Park Jinseok will make your breast line as beautiful as your expectation.


Dr. Park Jinseok is a Christian doctor who treats you with the blessing of God.


Dr Park Jinseok got “The Best Paper in 2013 Archives of

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery”

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